Friday, April 15, 2011

Ten Things We Will Chat About:

1.    Men – Facts and Myths
2.   Age and Beauty – Coming to terms with both but not necessarily in the same breath
3.   Boomer – If the 60’s are the new 40’s, who forgot to tell my butt?
4.   Children vs. Grandchildren – All their good traits come from my side of the family
5.   Childhoods – The good, the bad, the years of therapy
6.   Obsessions and Passions – The 12-step program
7.   Friendships – See the “single-ish” listing above
8.   My Writing  Life – Silly to Serious
9.   Exercise and Health – Yeah, right (notice how far down it is on the list)
10. What We Won’t Discuss – Ever!


  1. Big Love Raquel! As soon as I get a chance I will put you on my list! Great colors & love the wit! You're amazing!!!!!!

  2. I love it Raquel, great colors and so stylish, just like you!