Monday, June 6, 2011


There is nothing sexier than a man who can do for himself.  After a lifetime married to a man who couldn’t open a can to feed himself (and beer does not count.), couldn’t wash a sock if his life depended on it, and didn’t know which end of the broom was up, it was love at first sight when HoneyBunch invited me to his house for a dinner date.  

His ruthless abandon with onion and garlic left me weak and my mouth watered. When he placed this gargantuan ice cream dessert in front of me, my heart melted. He had me by the entrée, but when he insisted – I mean demanded - I sit and relax while he put the dishes in the dishwasher and actually scoured the pots and pans all by himself, I was his.

His house could use a woman’s touch and his wardrobe needed updating - but those things were negotiable and easily remedied when offset with his expertise with chicken. 

I knew I had met my soul mate - a man who could fend for himself and do for me too.  I married him three months later.


  1. One in a million, girlfriend! ;D

  2. Age changes the lens through which we view men. In our twenties, we loved athletes who mostly loved themselves. Now, I appreciate that my husband is the exact right height (short) for dancing, meaning fewer neck cricks (mine). My now husband remembers to take out the trash. His sexiest profile is posed with a broom in hand. Best of all are the neck and back rubs I get EVERY night we're together. Yes, I love being the wife of "one in a million." I never knew these jewels existed.