Monday, July 25, 2011

Why Do "I" Have to Play Nice?

 At my age, I don’t have time to suffer fools.  

There is nothing cute about finding someone has used the last of the toilet paper, taken the last ice cube, or left the empty cereal box in the pantry for me to replace.

I do not find it cute when someone has eaten the garnish off the main dish before I served it to guests, or that they have taken a serving off the tray, or they picked a pineapple ring off the upside down cake.

It gets downright ugly when someone dares to drink my last diet Coke, helps themselves to the slice of dessert I was saving for snack, or eats the whole bag of chips without leaving me any.

I get vicious when people come in late to church or the movies then expect me to move over so they can have the aisle seat.  I think unholy thoughts when they get up continuously during the one-hour church service (For goodness sake, people, see a urologist!), step on my toes during a show (Wait for intermission!), or block my view of the winning basket (hey, Hey, HEY!) with their butts.

I find I Love Lucy episodes annoying, I don’t like Drew Carey in anything, and I really hate that celebrity stud from Austin who has made a career of starring in bachelor shows. (I refuse to learn his name.)

Say what you will, but if those fools aren't even aware of their inconsiderateness, why do I have to be nice?


  1. LSHIDMTAMSFO!!!!! Especially the part about people coming in late to the Stars games and blocking shots!!! ;D

  2. Okay...I can't help but still love Matthew McConaghy...or however his name is spelled. hehehehe

    I love your pet peeves & agree w/ many of them. ;-)

    Miss you & love your spunk!

  3. If you ever feel you'd like to have more patience, show someone this blog post and invite them over for a week to do all these things at your place. I'd do it except I don't drink diet coke.
    PS: I totally agree about I Love Lucy, but Who's Line is it Anyway is one of the best shows ever.