Monday, September 5, 2011

Regret and Remorse Redux

I wish I had every cent I ever spent on:
·       exercise equipment, work out videos, fat busting drugs
·       clothes choices that looked good on the store mannequin, younger or taller women, but not on me
·       cute shoes that pinched every time I insisted on wearing them
·       books I never got around to read
·       books I read that sucked after the first five pages
·       family counseling and expensive lawyers trying to save my first marriage
·       bad haircuts/fad haircuts (picture an Afro or the Kate Gosselin)
·       decaffeinated Diet Cokes
·       craft kits that I never could learn to make or finish
·       anti-wrinkle/anti-aging cosmetics
·       anything in dark blue or neon orange (I’m a winter.)
·       a black tee-shirt

I would be infinitely rich.  I’d probably make the Forbes list.

Funny thing about regret – it doesn’t ensure remorse.  Faced with the same circumstances, the same temptations, the same promises, I would probably squander my money again on the same slate of lavish nonsense.
Oh, look. A sale--->>>> !

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