Monday, November 7, 2011

HoneyBunch, Chapter Three ~ And Ever After

HoneyBunch asked me out several times before I agreed to meet him in person. We swapped emails and phone calls, but I was hesitant to take our relationship any further. It was a little lopsided at first:  he proposed on the first date; I, on the other hand, kept telling him after each one that it was our last.

Somewhere in there HoneyBunch’s persistence and patience overcame my persnicketiness and paranoia. Also, when I tell people that I suspect God had a hand in this, they think I am being poetic, but it is the truth.

Two months before (while I was perusing my pathetic pool of gentlemen callers on eHarmony), I had a serious conversation with my Creator. I let Him know it was okay if there was no one “out there” for me.  I was grateful for all the blessings He had given me. To ask for more would be greedy.  

But just in case (after all, He’s omniscient), if He saw someone who would be an excellent fit for me, I sure would appreciate if He nudged him my way. Only excellent would do; nothing less, please.

I actually made a list in my journal, then I got down on my aging knees and shared it with Him.  I needed a man who was morally strong, intelligent and well-read, had a sense of humor and liked to smile.  He had to have integrity, and he had to be kind and protective of those he loved.  These are not unusual qualities, but what would make this man special (if he existed at all) - he would have to love and understand my idiosyncrasies.  (I am a tiny bit difficult.)

HoneyBunch met all those qualifications and more. I didn’t ask for handsome or sexy, yet he is.  AND, how can you not love someone who calls you Goddess every, single day?

People call our meeting on the Internet a modern-day romance, but I'm too busy being in love to bicker over semantics. I say our relationship is a testimony that God has a plan for each of us.  HoneyBunch and I (the Goddess) married three months after our first date, and we celebrate our “ever afters” as happily as we can.


  1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Every bit of this chapter is true. God is always looking out for unworthy me.