Monday, March 19, 2012

A Zeugma I Am Poem

I am all ears, all thumbs, and all the better for it – it keeps me honest.

I wonder if words are out and iPads are in, what will replace that one day . . . how many days are left, if the Mayan Calendar is right . . . is it right that Big Brother uses our social media to monitor our words . . . if words are out . . . ?
I hear.  I also smell, see, taste, and touch.
I see through, see into, and see the point, but not right now – gotta see a man about a dog.
I am out on bail, out of words, out of money, and out of time. Over and out.

I wanted to play with a zeugma – a language device that plays with words by linking them together in an unexpected pattern.  The words within the sentence are not of equal meaning or usage but together they form a “fun” sentence. I also needed a form where I could use this device repeatedly, so I decided on a poem.  I used the first stanza of a formula poem called the “I Am” poem. I did not stick to its formula other than using the first two words in each stanza: I am, I wonder, I hear, I see, and I am.

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