Monday, December 17, 2012

The Ugly Christmas Sweater

I realize I have no one to blame but myself.  One look at my wardrobe as a career teacher and I realize I misrepresented myself. My real persona has a T-shirt and jeans, old rocker chick vibe, but that is not what I wore to work for thirty-odd years.
I owned an extensive mix and match “uniform” of shirts and blouses, dresses, pants and skirts in the school colors.  Some of my tops were emblazoned with the school mascot across the chest, on the back, and sometimes both.  I was an Indian, a Falcon, a Wildcat, and a Rocket during the day, and a regular person at night and on weekends.
My jewelry and accessories consisted of the same kind of stuff, plus I added “seasonal” pieces, like Christmas socks and special holiday shirts.
I was easy to shop for, and over the years, students (and their parents) gave me dozens and dozens of earrings and pins that went with my teacher uniform.  I have almost every piece of jewelry that comes in the shape of an apple, a school mascot, or in the school colors. If I were to wear them all at once, I would look like a conventioneer.
The biggest surprise (and disappointment) was the year I got THE CHRISTMAS SWEATER. It is a red, knitted vest covered in a half-dozen Christmas scenes.  Things dangle from it and scream, Look at me!
(May I refer you to my first paragraph; the one about my biker chick persona?)
I have never worn it nor have I thrown it away. It is tucked in the back of my closet and I run into it every time I reach for my other holiday tops and socks.
If you can figure out why I keep it (when I got rid of my other teacher-ish wardrobe pieces), please let me know.  It totally baffles me. 

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