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My 10 ½ Romantic Movie Recommendations (In Honor of Valentine’s Day or Anytime You Need a Smile)

1.    Crazy Stupid Love – to quote the movie, it is a combination of sexy and cute, especially Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. (Okay, mostly Ryan Gosling.)
2.   Dan in Real Life – told from the male perspective. A lonely widower raising three daughters falls for his brother’s girl.  Best quote:  You are the murderer of love.
3.   Falling for a Dancer – an Irish mini-series; a hidden gem.  I fell in love with Mossie the first time he set eyes on his cousin’s wife, a feisty woman in an arranged marriage of convenience.
4.   Murphy’s Romance – a May-December romance played by Sally Fields, a divorcée, and James Garner, a widower. He makes the screen sizzle in this one.
5.   One Special Night – another James Garner romance, but this time he goes after Julie Andrews, a widow.  The one bad hitch – he is still married to a wife with Alzheimer’s.
6.   P.S. I Love You – this is a romance between a widow and her late husband.  He sets a series of letters and gifts in place to help her face her grief after his death.
7.   Sabrina (with Harrison Ford) – this version is so much more believable than the one that paired a youthful Audrey Hepburn with the elderly Humphrey Bogart. I call it the American version of Pride and Prejudice. 
8.   Some Kind of Wonderful – best screen kiss ever!  Don’t miss it.  You break his heart, I break your face. Ah, high school like most of us remember it.
9.   Someone Like You – best bad boy ever – Hugh Jackman! Need I say more? Best movie quote ever:  Time wounds all heels – the mantra for all of us who remember what it feels like to be dumped.
10.Up! – Yes, the animated movie.  What better romance than the one between Carl and Ellie? Reinforces one’s belief in true love.
10.5     Under the Tuscan Sun – this one gets only half a rating because it is the one and only romantic movie where the heroine spends the entire movie chasing after love, only to find that her true love isn’t a person but a place – Tuscany.


  1. Under the Tuscan Sun is one of my all-time favorites. I think my love for the Virgin of Guadalupe began after seeing this movie. Remember the image of Mary on her headboard? Several times in the story, Mary appears as a symbol of womanly strength. Thanks for sharing your list. I'll definitely pick up some of the old ones for rent.

  2. If you have time, try Falling for a Dancer. I promise it is great.


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