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The Shame of Crones

Honestly, there are times when a mother’s job is done and she should step back and let her grown sons go about their own business. 

Did anyone else notice that if Catelyn Tully Stark had stayed home weaving those wreaths she made out of vines, twigs, and feathers and defended Winterfell, instead of traipsing all over the Seven Kingdoms and acting like the self-proclaimed Hand of the King to her son Robb, Season Three of Game of Thrones would have ended on a much happier note?

Once widowed, she and Jon Snow could have easily protected their castle against the traitor and womanizer Theon, but she lets her husband’s bastard son go off to The Wall and she follows Robb, leaving her little sons in charge of a castle - defenseless.  Just what was she thinking?  

Bran and Rickon were left homeless, Arya  ping ponged all over the north struggling to find her mommy and big brother, and Sensa (the weeniest Stark of all) was foisted from one Lannister to another at King’s Landing (though Tyrion is a huge improvement over Joffrey).

Catelyn is no better than her sister Lady Arryn who doesn’t know when to stop breastfeeding a child. A grown man, a KING, does not need his Mama calling the shots. Catey should have taken parenting lessons from Cersi.   
It is because of Catelyn’s meddling that caused Robb’s death.  So what if he didn’t marry the ugly, unmarriageable Frey daughter. (He’s a medieval king.  He can do whatever he wants.) Her anger at him for not honoring the betrothal promise was nothing compared to the act of treason she committed when she released Robb’s prize prisoner.  Knowing that her son will not execute her did not make up for the loss of respect and trust she caused from his followers. When she urged Robb to attend the Red Wedding, beg forgiveness from Lord Frey, and allow himself to be ridiculed (ahem, he is a KING), it left him vulnerable to further disrespect. It was no surprise that Lord Frey thought nothing about murdering a King in cold blood while he munched on a drumstick.
Meanwhile, back at King’s Landing with the MVP of all mothers:

Cersi’s hold over Joffrey diminished with each episode.  He did not consult Mommy when he broke his betrothal to spineless and flat-chested Sensa and got engaged to the sexy and voluptuous Margaery.  He knows his kingly rights and has no patience with those who betray or sass him, ergo Cersi knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. She prefers her head on her shoulders and not decorating the castle keep. 

It worked for her.  In the end, she is still alive and well, so is her family, her home, and her kingdom, whereas kudos for Catelyn who singlehandedly destroyed everything good and noble around her.  


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