Monday, September 2, 2013

A Lack of Manners

“I was raised right – I talk about people behind their backs.  It’s called good manners.” – Kathy Griffin

My husband opens doors for me and lets me walk through first.  The same with the car door, he expects me to wait for him before I enter or exit the car.

It is one of the reasons I love him – his consideration and manners.

Now, he slips every once in a while, but then I’ve been known to rest my elbows on the dinner table and talk with my mouth full of food, so I am willing to overlook his fumbles on occasion.

The lack of manners and good etiquette are a reflection of a person, and once a good impression is lost, it is almost impossible to be regained.

I cannot stand when people touch food with their hands and put it back when they serve themselves from a common bowl or serving tray.  Even more disgusting is when someone double dips a chip into a bowl of dip or a piece of bread into a plate of oil and vinegar.  The lack of courtesy for others is appalling. I also cannot tolerate noisy eaters; those who make more noise than a pig at a trough totally turn me off. 

I hate selfish people who muscle their way to the front as if they are in line for free samples at Costco on Saturday. Instead of considering others, they act as if the food will run out at the buffet or they won’t score the last brownie.  I hate when they serve themselves more than their share and do not consider others.

I despise people who once they gobble the last soda in the ice chest, the last rib on the platter, or the last bit of money in your pocket, get restless, look bored, and cannot wait to leave so they can move on to their next mooch.

Egotistical people believe the world revolves around their charm, good looks, and wit.  It is a privilege to be in their presence.  There is only one opinion – theirs.  There is only one celebrity – them.  There is only one reason the peons have gathered . . . , well, you get the picture.  Their lack of graciousness blinds them to the fact that everyone IS being gracious. Their smile is not adulation; they just do not know how to tell the egoists they are nothing more than blustering buffoons.


Arrogant jerks who flaunt their intelligence, their college diplomas, and their pedigree in your face, are clueless to the fact that all the synapses, degrees, and money in the world will never make up for a lack of manners. Without a good set of manners and a workable knowledge of etiquette, they are nothing more than unlikeable boors.