Monday, September 30, 2013


For the last two and a half years I have written a Monday blog without fail.  This past week I struggled and struggled to find a subject to write about, so I considered the things I always obsess about.
ü  Growing old - I have nothing to say here worthy of mentioning (at least, nothing nice or kind.), so keep reading.
ü  My writing life. If I am having enough trouble coming up with a 250-450 word blog, what do you think I have to share about writing that is worth taking notes?  
ü  Buying a new car. My efforts to replace the Red Bomber, aka Grandma’s Jeep have come to a standstill. I feel like I am divorcing a perfectly good spouse in an effort to replace it with a trophy wife. The old car is sturdy and dependable, low maintenance and still in good shape.  The new car would be expensive, showy, full of cosmetic baubles. I know from personal experience how the Jeep must feel. Remember, I was divorced twice before I met HoneyBunch.
ü  Men – Maybe I could write about my “vast” experience with men but it seemed disrespectful, not because my children might happen upon this blog or the subjects might find reference to themselves, but because almost all the men from my “past” are now dead.
True story.  I know of at least four men who are no longer with us. I had nothing to do with their demise. They all passed away of natural causes in the last ten years. That is my statement and I am sticking to it.
ü  Sex – Right, like I know anything worth writing about. I go to bed every night with Vicks stuffed up my nose, a fine Cetaphil coating on my face and neck, and diabetic foot cream slathered on my feet.  The piece de resistance is my gray nightgown shift.  My husband says I snore, but so does he.  His comes through his throat; mine comes through my nose. We sound like whales talking to each other in the ocean deep.
ü  Taboo subjects.  If they are labeled taboo, do you think I would honestly mention them here? Oh wait, I just confessed to my “vast” experience with men and my “sex” life. Oops. 

I’ll try to find something to blog about next week. I promise.

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