Monday, September 23, 2013

The ABC’s Spell Healthy

A - Almonds, Arugula
B - Breakfast is very important.
C – Calcium and Vitamin D daily intake
D – Dinner, Diabetes, Dairy
E – Exercise – choose something addictive and fun.
F – Family activities, fish, fruits
G – Gym workouts (videos are okay.)
H – Healthy snacks – don’t ditch them; choose wisely, hydrate.
I – Interactive video games that involve movement, jumping, standing
J – Join a group to improve exercise, education, weight loss, or to make friends.
K – Kiwi, kale – learn their many benefits.
L – Lunch – measure, choose wisely.
M – Measure your portions. Medicines, movement, meditation
N – Naps, 8 hours of nightly sleep
O – One slice of pizza is okay; fill your plate with salad.
P – Portion control.  A kid’s meal is the size of a “real” adult portion.
Q – Quinoa
R – running (or biking or swimming or dancing)
S – Spice your food to reduce salt intake.
T – Tea has many soothing benefits.
U – Utensils – measuring cups and spoons are your friend.  Put your fork down between bites.
V – Vegetables, vitamins
W – Work standing.  Weight training
X – X out sodas and sweeteners, especially artificial sweeteners.
Y – Yogurt, yoga, yams

Z – Zumba!!

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