Monday, April 21, 2014

Pet Peeves – Gluten-free, Organic, and Resealable!

To prepare for this blog, I made a grocery list of all the things that I could remember had angered me lately.  I ended up with over thirty items.  It made me suspiciously in need of Anger Management, so I decided to reduce the list to ten.
Here they are in no particular order:
1.     People with no sense of cell phone etiquette.  Do you really need to be told to mute, put away, or not tape or take pictures without permission when it precludes interaction with another person?  When did a relationship with a phone take precedence over a relationship with another human being?
2.    People who befriend you only because they want something from you, opportunists who leech what they can and then move on, fat and sassy, after they have sucked you dry.
3.    Facial hair as I age.  Where did that come from?  I refer to the moustache that rivals the one my father sported for years, or the lone whisker that shows up at random on my chin, especially when I am trying to impress a new friend and they cannot focus on my charming wit because the lone whisker waves at them.
4.    My cowlick.  It has been with me since birth and is one of the reasons I have requested to be cremated upon my death.  For once, I get to win that battle.
5.    Loud, arrogant, obnoxious people who always turn the conversation around and make it about them instead of congratulating you or sympathizing or just plain shutting up and listening to your announcement.
6.    Toilet paper that unfurls to the floor when all you wanted was one swatch, especially when you are in a bind and have only one hand to spare.  Really?
7.    Penniless, unknowns who do not have two dollars in their wallets but who think they alone own the multi-trillion dollar USA roadways, and who then rage at you for trespassing on their property.
8.    Unsympathetic professionals (or employees) who have no sympathy (much less empathy) for their clients, patients, or customers, and act as if they are doing you a favor for waiting on you.
9.    People who marginalize others because of their ethnicity, age, gender, weight, etc. (I hate to be patronized or ignored because of my last name, my gray hair, my being female, or my not being a single-digit dress size.)
10. Packaging that is supposed to be “easy to open” and “resealable,” and ends up being neither and you have to hack it open like some fiend in a bad horror flick. Thank goodness for plastic baggies and rubber bands.
I could name several more but would prefer to hear from you. 

Name your number one pet peeve.   

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