Monday, June 15, 2015

Understanding Writer’s Platform

Most people vote in elections for the person who has made his/her name the most visible on social media, someone with whom they identify.
Other than family and a pocketful of indebted friends, very few vote for Mr. or Ms. Name Less. No Names are usually the bottom lot, forgotten by the press when election results are tallied and posted.
A Writer’s Platform works the same as a politician’s platform. It relies on the same principles. The writer has to establish a public persona, one that makes the writer’s name not only recognizable but THE preferred choice of many.
When a person prepares to vote (it does not matter – mayor, governor, president), the voter studies (hopefully) the candidates. The person researches, gathers information, and observes through the only means available for most of us – regular media (TV and newspapers) and social media (media that allows for two-way communication).  The candidates’ platforms - voting records, their public statements, their integrity (or lack of) - are on display. Candidates are eliminated and the voter chooses the person who best represents his or her own interest.
Likewise with a writer’s platform -  
When a publisher, editor, or agent decides who to contract as a writer, or when a reader reaches for a piece of writing to read, they will most often choose someone with an established presence, someone who has acquired an audience.  They will choose a writer whose platform they recognize and with whom they identify. They will choose a person who they enjoy, someone with a distinct voice, an ability to say something in a unique, new, and interesting manner.
 Like a politician, a writer must make him or herself visible to the public. There are many different forms available.  Research states that serious writers who are establishing a platform should make themselves available on at least two social media outlets, choosing the two that best fit their personality and their product.  The introverted writers have the option to choose two social media outlets that fit their personality and the extroverted writers can choose two that fit theirs.

Remember, most overnight successes take years to develop, so start now on establishing your writer’s platform.     

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