Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Book Club Built on Friendship

Before I retired from my last job, HoneyBunch suggested I make a plan.  He was afraid one of us would go insane since he was used to living out here alone but I wasn’t. 
I promised him I would think about it.
I signed up for real estate classes.  I joined Weight Watchers and a gym.  I looked into several writers’ groups that might help boost me into my next career.
After a few months, I ditched the real estate license and decided to concentrate on my writing.  I chose one writer’s group that fit my needs the best and have stuck with them for the last six years.
One of the many benefits I acquired from this group was an offshoot (rebel) group of ladies who formed a book club. We have been together since the spring of 2011. 
In that time we have read over three dozen books together.  Many of those books have gone on to become best sellers and about a dozen of them went on to become award winning movies.
But the best thing of all is the friendship and the stimulating conversation. 

My husband was right; it has kept me sane. 

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