Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Lifetime of Learning

In my earliest memories, I am outside playing, scratching “words” into the dirt. In one, I estimate I am about two (because we still lived in Laredo at the time), and in the other I am about three (because I see the duplex we rented before my parents bought the San Antonio house we lived in until I was 18).
I also remember my father teaching me to read using the encyclopedia we had in a place of honor in the living room.  I had to be about four years old.  
Ask me anything about aardvarks.
The brain is an amazing muscle.  It hungers for input for the span of its life. I have witnessed delight in a baby’s face when the brain first grasps new information, and studies have shown that an aging brain that is kept active stays healthy longer than one that is not stimulated.
If we love and value ourselves, we should care for our bodies and our brains. We should keep ourselves active and mobile for as long as we can. For this reason, I did not retire without a plan.
I read, I write, I socialize.
I create more memories.

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