Friday, February 5, 2016

Amazingly Blunt Dating Rules

I have little actual experience “dating,” but then scientists base their findings on observation and not experience.  They do not inject themselves with the virus, drink the chemical solution, or time travel into outer space. 

They observe and so have I.

Rule # 1:  Know your expectations, what you will and will not do on a date, then stick to that and have fun. 

Rule # 2: Never date someone with better hair or a better chest than you. Things might evolve into intimacy and one of you will be disappointed.

Rule # 3:  Date within ten years, plus or minus, of your age. Slightly older at either end is okay, except this does not okay anyone to date someone under the legal age. Remember, you are NOT Madonna, Cher, or Tina.  

Rule # 4:  If you were divorced, remember it is in your past.  You are “single.” That is all that is really necessary when meeting someone new. Dragging the ex into the introductions should not start every new conversation.

Rule # 5:  Should the dating continue and you find yourself attracted to this person, notice how he or she treats others, especially family.  Actions speak louder than words. 

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