Friday, February 19, 2016

Being The Oldest

My brother was a year and nine months older than I was.  According to my parents he was my playmate and my protector, but he considered me nothing more than his pesky younger sister, someone to take the blame whenever we got into trouble with the parents.
He was always so youthful looking and so handsome.  I looked old by the time I was twelve, so folks always thought I was the oldest.  
He went off to Vietnam and I went to college and that was where our paths started to go separate ways.  We both married within two years of each other and our spouses pulled us further apart.    
His life was fraught with pain, the after effects of Agent Orange and PTSD. He went through three marriages and never found true love.  I went through two divorces before I found HoneyBunch and I have a good relationship with three, amazing and forgiving children.
We resembled each other physically, so when he was diagnosed with Diabetes, I knew it would soon show up in my make up as well. His was more severe and he died of a diabetic coma in 2012.  He was three months shy of turning 64 years old.

Of course I miss him.  It sucks being the oldest. 

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