Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Defining Love

February is a painful month for those of us who have not found love.  Worse yet, it is painful for those of us who have not found someone who reciprocates our love.
We are the Charlie Brown’s, the kids who never get a card on Valentine’s Day, when we should be looking around us and acknowledging there are many kinds of love and they are not all dependent on finding a partner or a cheap little card in our decorated paper bags.
I wasted the majority of my life trying to win the love of my first husband until one day I realized I deserved better.  I realized I needed to start by loving myself more than chasing after someone who did not prize me.
It was when I opened my eyes to all the love around me that I fought for my independence and changed the course of my life.
I love HoneyBunch, doughnuts, and warm socks.  I love daylight and peanut M&Ms and my grandchildren.  I love truth, and humor, and kindness. 

Once I realized the true definition of love, I found I was no longer Charlie Brown.  I was more like Linus, content with myself.  

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