Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love of Books and School

Dad told me school would be awesome.  We would read and do math.  There was such a thing as recess and there would be books and more books!
On the first day, my mom took me to my first grade room and while the other kids cried I shooed her away.  I was so happy to finally be in school.
The teacher got my name wrong that first day but my parents changed it the next day to Rachel so she wouldn’t have such a hard time. 
I forgave her the moment she started assigning text books.  She called us one by one and took forever copying the numbers inside each book onto a sheet on her desk.  Since my last name starts with M, I was afraid she would run out before she got to me.  
When I finally got mine, I grabbed the reader and read it all in the time it took her to dole out books to the rest of the students. I honestly thought we would get a new reader every day. When I told the teacher I was done with my book, she scolded me for “getting ahead.”

Dad hadn’t warned me about her.  

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