Thursday, February 4, 2016

Love Thy Neighbor

I read once that empathy is not an innate human trait.  We have to teach caring and compassion to our children through example and touch.
It makes sense if we can teach our children to be cruel and prejudiced, we can teach them kind and understanding as well.
My mother was raised in dire poverty.  She was the second oldest and at the age of 14 she finished the 8th grade and went to work as a house maid to help her mother support her four siblings. They went on to finish high school but she sacrificed her dreams to help her family survive. She cared for my grandmother until she died.
My 8-year-old grandson hears his little sister cry.  She has fever and a terrible respiratory infection and my little grandboy tells me his heart breaks when he hears her cry.  He says he wishes he were the one ill instead of her.
I never understood the golden rule about “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Until now.

Empathy, kindness, and understanding starts with us, and when we demonstrate it to others, we pass it on. 

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