Friday, February 12, 2016

Praying for a Husband

I prayed to keep my marriage together and it did for almost thirty years, but by then the foundation had cracked and the roof leaked. It was time to stop calling it a marriage and get a divorce.
Once single, I prayed for healing and wisdom and forgiveness. My self-esteem was at rock bottom.  I had been told for years that I was homely and insecure and a nag.  “No one would ever love me.”
This broken house was me and I needed repair.  I needed to solidify its foundation and rebuild the walls so that I could stand on my own two feet and yell my success from the rooftops.
I wanted to be whole again.
Five years later, I prayed God would show me what lie in my future. If this had been my life, I accepted it without any regret.  I loved my children, my career, my accomplishments, and I felt good about myself. 

But IF He felt there might be a man He still wanted me to meet, would He please make sure he was kind and nice and intelligent and funny, and could he please treat me like a goddess. 

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