Monday, February 22, 2016

Teenagers and Skunks

Teenagers and skunks have a lot in common. 
They are both crepuscular and nocturnal; their active hours are from twilight to dusk. During certain times of the year, they are also semi dormant. Both are scavengers, eating whatever gets in their way.
Teenagers and skunks have poor vision and though they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing, they are known to be very selective and biased in the use of these senses.
Solitary creatures, they respond only to the opposite sex.  
Both are known to have a very smelly and offensive odor that they do not recognize on themselves but will repel everyone around them for miles.  If anyone or anything happens to intrude into their space, they will hiss, stomp their feet, and posture in hopes of frightening off trespassers.  They have been known to fight tooth and nail if threatened and let off a stink that offends for days.
Most skunks live for a maximum of seven years, about the same amount of time the adolescent stage lasts in a human teenager.
Note of interest: the skunks’ natural predator is the Great Horned Owl.
A skilled hunter, the owl has excellent night vision. It is not put off by the skunk’s offensive odor, and the owl knows the skunk's instincts better than the skunk knows itself.

The owl watches.  It listens.  It is the boss of the skunk. 

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