Monday, March 7, 2016

At Grandma’s House

          There’s a high chair by the trestle table and children’s plastic Christmas plates in the kitchen cupboard.  One toddler cup lost its sippy lid years ago and an “emergency bottle” sits next to the special dishes in the china cabinet.
An apartment-sized crib keeps the two boxes of rescued toys in the back room company, and Veggie Tales and Charlie Brown DVDs outnumber the TMC or Downton Abbey collection in the living room.  Stuffed toys abound ready to keep little people company during a nap, and a rocking horse that’s been in the family for two generations longs for a rider.
The “linen” closet stores a junior-sized inflatable bed, and toothbrushes wait for overnight visitors in the bathroom.  The medicine cabinet hides baby safe meds, tiny nail clippers, and cartoon bandages and thermometers of every type. Night lights lead the way to safety, bathroom, and grownups in the dark. 
Another closet hides (though it isn’t much of a secret) the play guns.  They don’t shoot bullets that could “accidentally” hit little brothers or Grandma’s knickknacks, but they are still fun, making lots of annoying noise instead.    
A wooden, miniature play kitchen sits in the space between the sit-in kitchen and the dining room.  Inside it holds everything a young chef might need to create a delicious, plastic feast, while Grandma’s kitchen stores the real stuff - frozen mac and cheese, white (wheat) bread, lemonade mix, and chocolate ice cream.  She also keeps strawberries, applesauce, and broccoli in case little people come to visit.
Grandpa’s office safekeeps books and games and construction sets.  Two giant jugs of magic bubble juice sit waiting in case anyone, big or little, feels the need to run around outside being silly. The back patio makes the perfect race track for the recycled old trike and the scooter no one else wanted, and there is a big, red wagon and a portable sand box waiting for sunny days.
At Grandma’s house, everyone young and old is welcomed to come over

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