Wednesday, November 30, 2016


When I am gone, I hope everyone misses me for a long, long time.  I hope my life was not a ripple but a big splash, and no one will be able to “get over it and move on.” I hope I am missed and not dismissed.
I hope folks will set a place for me at their table, reach for their phones to text me, or add me to their Christmas list before they remember I am no more.
I hope folks will smile, feel sad, and stop what they are doing to remember me for one second.  I hope I made a difference in their lives and it was all good.
Nothing sadder than having existed and not lived a good life, one that is remembered long after I am gone.

I hope that even when those who knew me have joined me in the afterlife, my splash will have reached the generations after.  No need to have known me firsthand.  No need to recall my name like some person in a text book.   What I hope is that my love for others, my words of well-earned wisdom, my kindness will have been sown forward, and a little bit of ME will still exist.