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Twenty-One Days and Counting

 Earth day: October 12, 2020


A little over three months ago, I decided I was through with “social media.” Though I have accounts on several sites, I am a daily Facebook user. I visited with friends, posted pictures, and scrolled through funny memes, but as the 2020 Presidential Election neared, so did the increase in fake news and vitriolic posts.

The Bible quote, the food recipes, and the cute pet videos lost in the algorithm scramble that placed politics first. All because we were lured by the scandalous headlines. 

 Do you know that 2.3 billion log onto FB each day? Of those, 46% or more use FB for its ONLY news source. Multiply that by the fact that the pandemic has housebound all of us for the past 8 to 10 months, so FB has been our major link to the outside world. This is the 2016 pre-Election season magnified. The press and the machine that wants to influence our vote learned a lesson in the past four years.

To get to the people, you have to flood social media.

Their real goal is to control social media. They know the 46% will not follow the story to its original source where they can decide for themselves whether the news is true or not, valuable or not, biased or not. In essence, whatever is posted on social media has replaced reality.

So why am I still on?

I decided to stay on FB until November 3rd, then I am going to take a sabbatical while the media fights calm down. I am one person, one voice, one vote, and the best I can do is to witness to my beliefs. I’ve never hidden that I am a Republican centrist. Like the country song, I’ve been Republican before it became cool. Okay, it might still not be “cool,” but I’d rather stand for God and Country than give into to sin and socialism.

So, in twenty-one days, I’ll see you when I see you.




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