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When I am gone, I hope everyone misses me for a long, long time.  I hope my life was not a ripple but a big splash, and no one will be able to “get over it and move on.” I hope I am missed and not dismissed. I hope folks will set a place for me at their table, reach for their phones to text me, or add me to their Christmas list before they remember I am no more. I hope folks will smile, feel sad, and stop what they are doing to remember me for one second.  I hope I made a difference in their lives and it was all good. Nothing sadder than having existed and not lived a good life, one that is remembered long after I am gone. I hope that even when those who knew me have joined me in the afterlife, my splash will have reached the generations after.  No need to have known me firsthand.  No need to recall my name like some person in a text book.   What I hope is that my love for others, my words of well-earned wisdom, my kindness will have been sown forward, and a little bit of M


So, you’ve decided to blog.    Let us ponder your options.  OPEN THE POD DOORS, HAL Why do you want to blog?    What do you have to say or share that isn’t already being said or shared by the other 200 million bloggers out there? Who is your audience? Is it a family-and-friends-only journal or a me-only diary? Maybe it’s an advertisement for a product/creation/business, and you wish to attract awareness/admirers/customers? Is it an exercise in creativity and you are searching for an audience or an outlet for your opus? It is crucial you decide this before you blog. I HAVE ALWAYS DEPENDED ON THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS Study other blogs and glean information that will help you decide how to best set up your site and its operation. See what works and doesn’t for your purposes.    Come up with a quirk or innovation that will make it different from the many others.   If what you envision is beyond your technical savvy, then enlist/hire/beg for help. Will it have links, photos

Starting up a Blog or Newsletter

I.                Your blog or newsletter A.    Is your opening page/landing page too busy?  Keep it simple and easy to read and use. B.     Offer only a few options but lead your readers where or what you want from them.  Make sure there is a “Call to Action.”  Provide buttons for readers to sign up as members, to sign up for the blog or newsletter, to leave a comment, or to purchase and item.  (Use different color buttons or bars for this to attract the eye.) C.     Add videos, podcasts, images, pictures, etc. It increases the amount of time a reader spends on your site and it increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which then leads to Google preference when someone does a search. Make your own videos, create your own pictures, and label your work so they will be credited to you.  If they end up elsewhere, you will own the property and they will link back to you and your page(s). You will own the property and it will not be reliant on other advertisement. (Almost e

Writers’ Group Dynamics

I belong to a writers’ group.  We meet once a week for two hours.  The first hour we meet as a whole group; the second hour we meet in genre-specific, critique groups. This group has met for over fifteen years and the membership has changed but the group itself has continued with great success. I joined six years ago and have learned an immensity about writing, and writing well for publication. Of the many, varied writers’ groups I have belonged to (and started) over the last thirty years, this group has taught me more than all of them combined. The question is why? What makes a successful group? 1.      Does the group have meaningful goals? Are they clearly stated to old and new members? Do they draw people to attend meetings and do they return week after week? Does it meet a need or fulfill a purpose for its members?   2.     Do they feel accepted and welcomed?  Do they feel part of the group? Do their goals mesh with those of the others? Is there trust that their views an

Moving to Canada!!!

          Not really.  Regardless who wins the election for President this coming Tuesday, I am not moving to Canada like so many others claim.             One, I don’t know anyone there.           Two, I suck at French. I was so bad at it that I dropped out of the class during my second week as a college freshman.           Three, I cannot stand the cold.  I become totally physically disabled when it comes to cold weather.           Regardless of who becomes President of the United States (and I do not like either one of the two major candidates), I am stuck here in the US of A along with all the other inmates.           I could try moving to Mexico but I don’t know anyone there.  My Spanish is notably not my first language, and the heat might be bearable but the crime cartels might mistake me for a rich American and no one in my family has enough cash to pay a ransom for my safe return. At least, that would be their excuse.           I guess I will take my chances here