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I Blame the Magi.

I blame the Magi.   They started this whole giving gifts at Christmas thing, but let me warn you, though I have no use for frankincense or myrrh, I could use some gold around this time of year. Christmas giving can be expensive, so it is best to plan before you go shopping instead of spending your hard-earned cash on gifts that won’t be appreciated.    When I was a preteen my mother gave me a present that still gives me nightmares, yet I am sure that was not her intention.   She gave me a Christmas outfit that she forced me to wear to midnight Mass.   It was a green, bonded knit skirt that came with a long sleeved, green and white, horizontal striped top. It wasn’t even Christmas green, but this garish lime green that next to my complexion made me look jaundiced.   It also gave me a skin rash, but Mother demanded I wear it because it was expensive. It wasn’t around for long, because, hey, how was I to know bonded knit wasn’t supposed to be ironed? Her money would have been bet

The Eight Rules of Write Club/Critique Groups

1.     You do not talk about write club. Oh, but you do.   You have to.   There are several things to consider when forming a critique group . It needs at least three members; otherwise, what you have is a critique partner . Right? A good group size is about six; any more members and adjustments to the work load have to be made.   A good critique group should be divided into genres – fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novel-length work, poetry, children’s books, etc. Each genre has its own focus, rules, and expectations, and the members cannot be expected to be experts in each. The group must decide when, where, and how often to meet.   Some critique groups work online only and others meet in person.   The best place for in-person critique groups is to meet in neutral zones, places without distractions, like a library meeting room or an office. Restaurants and private homes compromise the owners into hosting the event. Also talk about how often the group will meet.   Once