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One Hundred Days and Counting

Earth date: July 26, 2020           We never thought this would happen to us. We watched insurrections and epidemics on the national news. They happened elsewhere but never on our soil.           It wouldn’t dare. In our benevolence, we sent troops and doctors and money to France and Afghanistan and Iran when rioters burned and pillaged their cities. From the safety of our high horse – our sofas and our cell phones - we expounded our political views, never once considering that one day someone would dare do the same on our turf. Just look at Seattle or Minneapolis or Portland. Riots disguised as protest have doubled and tripled their efforts until discourse is no longer an option to settle our disagreements.     Likewise, with the pandemic, in our arrogance we sent doctors and money and supplies to countries on the opposite side of the globe thinking we could keep plagues far from our nation. Surely a contagion would bow to our greatness; yet, it has snuck through our b