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Mr. Stinkypants Bigfeet

  Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there lived a little boy and his grandmother.          They were best friends.             She called him Mr. Stinkypants Bigfeet, and he called her – what else? – Grandma. She was there when he took his first step, uttered his first word, and took his first bike ride.   They created adventures from early in the morning until late in the evening while his parents defended the kingdom and nursed the sick. They read all the books inside the castle, sometimes two or three times (especially, the peek-a-boo ones and anything to do with tractors), and when they tired of those stories, they created their own magic on white paper with fat crayons. Yellow was her favorite; his was brown. Every day they scoured the confines of the castle looking for the best places to hide, and then they explored the wonders of the courtyard outside.    Exhausted from their adventures, they returned triumphant to feast on animal crackers and juice.    They danced in joyo